R.A.S. Logistics team at the Home Delivery World in June 2024

Home Delivery World 2024: Our Key Takeaways


June 7, 2024 – R.A.S. Logistics was proud to exhibit at this year's Home Delivery World on June 5-6 in Philadelphia, PA. "The Last Mile space is competitive," said James Kinney, VP of Operations at R.A.S. Logistics. "Our exhibit shows our commitment to growth and expanded offerings as we differentiate ourselves as the provider of choice for our customers."

The show proved to be a pivotal event for leading industry professionals, showcasing the latest innovation and setting the stage for future trends. At this year's booth, we showcased our services, networked with industry leaders, and hosted an exclusive YETI cooler giveaway.

"Home Delivery World gave R.A.S. the chance to speak about our brand to peers, clients, and potential clients," said Eric Zimmerman, COO of R.A.S. Logistics. From inspiring presentations about the future of our industry to invigorating roundtable discussions, our team learned so much at this two-day event. Below are our key takeaways from this year's Home Delivery World:

Our Industry is Rapidly Evolving

It is no secret that in today's digital age change is occurring every day. From sustainability to security to AI, our industry is no exception to the advanced technology and automation that is being developed. TJ O’Connor, CEO of FragilePak, said that businesses should "expect to witness an increase in eco-friendly delivery solutions," as customer preferences evolve, and regulatory pressures increase. "Technology is the accelerator," said O’Connor, and to stay relevant in the industry we need to keep up with the evolution.

The ability to evolve with the industry can be the difference between success and failure for businesses. "'Play to win not just survive,' I loved this quote by Chris Bright in his talk on the 3 pillars for strengthening last mile delivery," said Gennaro Episcopo, Enterprise Account Executive for R.A.S. Logistics. "In today's fast-paced world, constant change requires us to maintain a win-now mentality and combat complacency to stay relevant in a competitive industry."

Every Person has a Role in Our Success

When it comes to continued success, "it's a mindset," said Nate Shutes, VP of Fulfillment at Blu Dot. Shutes offered a variety of tips on how to improve the delivery of heavy goods, but it all came down to one thing: every employee has a role. Shutes said it starts with the terminal managers and it has to trickle up the organization. There are a variety of barriers to seamless delivery such as evolving customer expectations, labor challenges, technology gaps, and supply chain disruptions, but when companies can unite employees under a common goal these barriers can be overcome.

The Customer is #1

From changing technology to delivery expectations, the customer continues to drive the evolution of our industry. Adapting to modern consumer expectations means "meeting the customer where, when, and how they so choose," said Daryl Glass, VP of Last Mile Operations at Target. The customer must come first, and as an industry we must continue to improve to meet all their expectations and needs.

Customers want "the right product at the right place at the right time the first time," said Shutes. In the age of next-day delivery, customer expectations are growing, and delivery providers need to do their best to the meet the customers' needs.

Next year, Home Delivery World will take place in Nashville, TN on May 21-22 and we look forward to showcasing our services once again. "The RAS team is looking forward to 2025 in Nashville," said Zimmerman. As we continue to grow as a company, we look forward to expanding our presence at leading industry events.

"We are primed for growth, ambitious, and ready to make an impact," said Bill McLendon, VP of Operations for R.A.S. Logistics.

For more information about R.A.S. Logistics and our upcoming events, please contact Cassidy Martenson Cassidy.Martenson@RASLogistics.com.

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