Our Mission

Our mission is to transform final mile delivery by providing efficient, reliable, and customer-focused solutions, seamlessly connecting businesses with their end customers, and delivering satisfaction one mile at a time.


Our Story

R.A.S. was established in 1993 and is a full service logistics provider domiciled in Elkhart, IN. We have expanded through the years by aligning with our partner's missions, supplying them with outstanding logistical solutions, and delivering on their customer promises.

Our Abilities

R.A.S. employs innovative technologies, hundreds of trucks, and has 200 dedicated employee resources to move thousands of shipments weekly for our partners. R.A.S. has 28 facilities and the resources needed to deliver in 22 states and growing. R.A.S. focuses on innovative ways to provide options and flexibility to partners that will best support their brand initiatives which will make the delivery of goods a seamless transition from the point of sale.

Our Values

We are thankful for where we are today, and attribute it to how we work and operate. Our core values drive our workplace, and create the best working environment to deliver the best service to our clients:

  • Serve
    • Put the customer first always.
    • Be accessible.
    • Act safely and responsibly.
  • Unite 
    • Collaborate with others.
    • Encourage community engagement.
    • Own it – take responsibility.
  • Innovate
    • Get better every day.
    • Drive growth in yourself and the business.
    • Embrace change.
  • Celebrate
    • Celebrate the wins, both big and small.
    • Offer more praise than you receive.
    • Have fun!


The R.A.S Advantage

Service: We continually strive to improve our customers’ experience.

Experience: With more than 100 years of final mile experience in leadership, R.A.S. offers large company resources with a boutique flavor.

Flexibility: Our industry is changing; we are nimble, capable, and willing to spin on a dime to try something new to adapt to these changes.

Compliance: We adhere to required processes and practices that are in place to protect employees and customers.

People: We encourage the development of our employees and empower them to put their fingerprint on the company.

Responsibility: We follow through on commitments and when we make a mistake, we fix it fast.
Innovation: We seek creative approaches to improving processes and solving problems.

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